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“Pablo Marcos O is a wonder! I’ve worked with him, as writer or as editor, on countless projects over the years… from the TARZAN OF THE APES online comic strip to Morbius the Living Vampire to Conan the Barbarian to Simon Garth, Marvel Zombie to Red Sonja… and he’s never failed to deliver a beautifully drawn, well-told story. Anybody who winds up with a piece of original Marcos art has a bona fide treasure! “

-Roy Thomas
(Stan Lee’s first successor as editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics)


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What are you thinking of right now? Surfing a great wave on a California beach?… Imaging yourself on the perfect vacation…lying on an Hawaiian Beach in the South Pacific sipping Kahlua’s and being serenaded by a few rock stars?…

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I am Pablo Marcos…

Summoning Ideas and expressing narratives or plots through imagery has always come naturally to me but I must confess, lectures or writing has never been a strong suit. I am going to share with you my life as told by me at age eighty-four. I’ll do this by using scraps of memories and expanding on what others have gathered or written about me.

I was born in LARAN, a farm located in Chincha Alta, Ica, Peru on March 31st 1937. My father was Pablo Marcos Castilla and my mother, Maria Ortega Guzman. First we were…

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Once we were in the United States, my expertise and passion was embraced from the moment I arrived until today. My family and I would settle in the states for years to follow. We began by renting an apartment in Ivy Hill, New Jersey. A very quiet place with the convenience of having a large bus terminal nearby that would make it easier for me to travel to New York. For some time I had worked for a local Latino newspaper. I also…

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I eventually worked exclusively for Skywald Publications’ Nightmare and Psycho from May 1972 to May 1973. Here, I met a great Canadian scriptwriter by the name of Allan Hewetson, who dedicated himself to expanding my limited knowledge of English and so, we became good friends. Allan and my compatriot, Boris Vallejo, became the basis of my inclusion into the world of American comics. When editor, Sol Brodsky, left…

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My work gained notoriety and soon I was commissioned by DC Comics, drawing Man-Bat stories on Detective Comics, and working on one or two issues of several series, including Freedom Fighters, Kamandi, Kobra, Secret Society of Super-Villains, and Teen Titans before returning to Marvel. At Marvel, I worked on The Avengers, The Mighty Thor, and other known classics. Additionally, in 1980, I worked with… [READ MORE]

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