Pablo Marcos


Imagine… You’re on stage with Elvis, or Frank Sinatra or Madonna or Your Favorite Pop, Country or Opera Star! …Would you like to be “The Fourth Tenor”?

…imagine your wildest fantasies come to life (or even your worst nightmares if you would prefer) in an extraordinary full-color painting you can frame and hang anywhere – in your living or dining room, your study, your bedroom…

and what pleasant one-of-a-kind GIFT this would make for someone in your family, custom-sized to your specifications and proudly signed by Me to hang in your home or office!

All my COMMISSIONS are for personal use only, not for commercial purposes. No copyright are transferred.

Here's what somebody wanted, this was a nifty and personal way to request a commission:

Here's what I Delivered

I have three proposals for you:

1 I can make you a sketch, a pencil, an ink or a full manual color of any character or characters that you can think of. Look in this price guide what suits you best and contact me to finalize details.

2 I can re-create especially for you the Cover (or any inner page) of a comic book that you highly appreciate. The price starts at US$ 1,500.00 for the inking and will increase according to the complexity of the illustration.

3 Look at this section so you can see that your dreams and fantasies can be spectacularly put on paper.

I invite you to get your ILLUSTRATED VISIONS!!!

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Here I present you some examples of exclusive commissions I’ve made…

I'll Be Glad to Take Your Commissions!